Watch Marie Kondo 'Spark Joy' Through Tidying in New Netflix Series

Capitalizing on the time of year you feel most inspired to try new things, Netflix is dropping home-decluttering priestess Marie Kondo’s new series, “Tidying Up,” on New Year’s Day. In the trailer, released Wednesday, Kondo, a sweet, fragrant morning lily, waltzes into messy homes overtaken by clutter and “sparks joy in the world through tidying.”

Per Deadline, in the eight-episode season, she helps a family of four settle into a Los Angeles apartment and supports a recently widowed woman as she releases some of her husband’s belongings while continuing to honor his memory. Along the way, she will hold hands, jump for joy, and take deep, meditative breaths with distressed homeowners as they toss out all of their baggage, both proverbial and literal. I, for one, cannot wait for Marie Kondo to arrive.


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