Wendy Williams Seems to Address Odd On-Air Behavior: 'I'm Not Perfect'

On Monday’s episode of her eponymous talk show, a decidedly lucid Wendy Williams seemingly referenced her behavior during Friday’s show. During that taping, she exhibited a choppy speech pattern, trailed off mid-sentence, and referred to Adele as “Ho-dele.”

A few minutes into her Hot Topics segment on Monday’s show, though, Wendy said, “I always say I love you for watching ‘cause I really, really do. I come here everyday and I try to do the best that I can for you. I appreciate you watching, but even after all of these years, it’s still work. An effort put in for the hour I’m out here, you know? I guess every day is not perfect, but I’m not a perfectionist. I’m not perfect.”

In an Instagram comment, the show’s former DJ, Boof, wrote, “This is going to play out bad,” and seemed to agree with speculation that Williams had relapsed. Last year, she announced on her show that she had taken temporary residence in a sober living facility. “Y’all have no idea what’s really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna lose their jobs,” Boof also wrote. Additionally, Williams has discussed her battle with Graves Disease, which can cause cognitive impairment.

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I just somehow watched all 13 minutes of that clip of Friday’s show and it was painful to watch and so heartbreaking. I don’t understand how the audience could sit there and act like she was being normal. Like, weren’t they worried about her? Just watching the clip I felt like someone needed to get her to a doctor before she pass right out and hit her head.

I honestly hope it is an alcohol relapse and not progressing Graves disease because I assume you can’t come back from the the cognitive impairment of Graves but can at least go to rehab again?