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With the fifth and final season of Fuller House now shooting, and Lori Loughlin still in legal trouble, no one knows if Aunt Becky will return to the show. Candace Cameron Bure told Entertainment Tonight, “It hasn’t been discussed. I have absolutely no answer for it, and Netflix has not even spoken about it, so I have no answer.”


Well, they should probably figure it out. Here’s how the show could explain her absence:

  • Aunt Becky moved out West to take care of her mom
  • Aunt Becky is doing laundry, but for the entire season
  • She’s always out buying milk
  • The Tanners lost her at Whole Foods
  • She’s getting highlights! It takes a while!
  • She’s just napping
  • She went to yoga
  • She moved to Bali to teach yoga
  • She got stuck in the line climbing Mount Everest
  • She fell off a cliff
  • She never existed. Figment of everyone’s imagination
  • She went to the farmer’s market
  • She’s watching Avengers
  • She decided to bike across the country and expects the whole family to read her blog about it
  • She’s couch-surfing
  • She rented a villa to do some soul-searching a la Under the Tuscan Sun
  • Did you know she’s never been to Japan? She just decided to fly there—on standby!
  • She was actually on Jeopardy, but can’t tell anyone about it until it airs, so to save herself the trouble she’s locked herself in the basement
  • She filed for divorce

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She is simply replaced; it’s known as Darrin syndrome for its most famous historical precedent (Dick York replaced by Dick Sargent as Darrin Stephens on Bewitched)

But there are lots of others. Dynasty did it twice: Jack Coleman replaced Al Corley as Steven Carrington and Emma Samms replaced Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon Carrington - mysteriously developing a British accent(!) in the transition.

It usually gets people talking but doesn’t kill a show.

However, when Dallas replaced matriarch and series rock Miss Ellie, the audience was outraged. Barbara Bel Geddes needed time off for surgery. The producers replaced her with Donna Reed to near national revolt. They brought Bel Geddes back the next season.

Aunt Becky is no Miss Ellie. Replace her with any other middle aged blonde former tv star; no one cares. Paging Tori Spelling!