Screenshot: YouTube

J. Lo is sooo rich in the music video for her new single “Dinero,” featuring Cardi B. How rich, you ask? She’s so rich that when she burns a whole rack of ribs on her outdoor charcoal grill, she simply chucks it into the grass. She’s so rich that elsewhere, she roasts a marshmallow over a pile of burning money. She’s so rich that she has a pet ostrich.

Or... does she? She walks around with said ostrich on a leash, which implies some sort of ownership. But maybe she did a rent-a-petting-zoo thing, like for a garden party? Oh, maybe she’s pet-sitting for a friend! Awww. That’s sweet. It goes to show: Don’t be fooled by her rocks or the heavily bedazzled tracksuits she sports in this video. She’s still, she’s still nice enough to go out of her way for her friends.