Will Westworld End in a Host-Controlled Earth? The Signs Don't Point to Yes, But They Also Don't Point to No

Image: HBO

If you can even believe it, Westworld is back, just a year and a half-ish after its first season ended, though it feels about a lifetime longer.

Along with it returns Westworld Conspiracy Corner via Twitter Live (watch below), the only Westworld day-after coverage that combines the unhinged analysis of Jezebel Deputy Editor Julianne Escobedo Shepherd’s and my broken brains with plausible conspiracy theories that have been subtly woven into the show. This week, we get re-situated (who is Lee Sizemore again? Why is he nude?), and discuss my personal favorite theory—that Delos is covertly collecting DNA from Westworld’s rich and powerful clientele to create a shadow host government.


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