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Hugh Jackman said WHAT?!

No really, the following actual quote reads like an entry in the ongoing THEY SAID WHAT?! series of posts on Jezebel’s fellow GMG network site ClickHole, which invents absurd quotes attributed to celebrities:

“Embarrassingly, I didn’t know what a wolverine was, I’d never heard of such an animal. I presumed it was a made up name for the comic book. I’d never read an X-Men comic, I’d never seen a wolverine. We don’t have them in our zoos.” That’s Hugh Jackman on the importance of getting an education.


Actually, it’s something he said regarding his X-Men character on Monday night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Well, at least now he knows.

Jackman also paid tribute to Stan Lee, the man behind many Marvel franchises, including X-Men, who died Monday. (Not for nothing, but Lee was accused of sexual harassment and misconduct by multiple sources in multiple instances earlier this year, and those rushing to pay tribute to him generally aren’t talking about that, so even though it’s out of place in a dumb post about a dumb thing Hugh Jackman said on a talk show, there it is. Lee’s lawyer denied the allegations.)


Anyway, I’ll show you how real wolverines are. One is depicted below underneath a stone with a painted face that represents Jackman.

Illustration for article titled Wolverines (the Animal) to Wolverine (the Superhero): Call Us by Your Name!
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The wolverine said WHAT?!

“Call me by your name, motherfucker!”

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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As far as the Stan Lee accusations go, old men being gropey assholes are standard issue at a lot of nursing homes (Although my strapping son had his ass grabbed a few times by the ladies in the home where he volunteered). Sad thing is, a lot of that behavior is a side-effect of Alzheimer’s. My friend’s dad was a lovely, kind, gentlemanly sort in the decades I knew him. Alzheimer’s hit him in his late 70s, and by the time they’d put him in a long term care facility, he was nearly uncontrollable and constantly harassing the female staff. Pretty heartbreaking for the family.