'Time to Get Weird': The Masked Singer Returns

The Masked Singer aims to be out of control—a paradoxical type of self-management—and yet somehow misses its intended marks all the time. It is not in control of being out of control. It tells you that what you’re watching is weird—there were multiple references to weirdness on Wednesday’s Season 2 premiere—yet it doesn’t adequately prepare you for what you’re about to see. This is the greatness of the show, a purée of success and failure, an intentional comedy that is often unintentionally funny.


Of course it is “wacky” to have b-list (at best) celebrities underneath intricate costumes like Tree, Ice Cream, and Thingamajig, doing generally mediocre renditions of pop songs. And yet, it’s the finer details, often provided by the non-performers, that truly make this thing sing. Jenny McCarthy referencing The Bridesmaid’s Tale (remember that movie about the oppressive society where women are mandated by the government to wear tulle and have 24/7 diarrhea?), Robin Thicke having a highly senior moment and forgetting the word “streaming,” Nicole Scherzinger communicating almost entirely through a system of intricate whoops, a one-woman dolphin language. The audience, too, has truly stepped up its game this year.

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Aside from the addition of a “smackdown” round, in which two characters up for elimination face off and perform a final number—similar to the lip-sync-for-your-life portion of Drag Race, except these contestants’ lips are covered by giant cartoon masks so they just sing supposedly (I’m not convinced that their vocals aren’t prerecorded)—this is the same show it was last season. And who would have it any other way? Enjoy the montage above.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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So we had Egg (Johnny Weir), and had absolutely no idea who Ice Cream was (and... still don’t?)

Currently my wife and I are split on a couple:

  • Ladybug: I’ve got Kelly Osbourne, but my wife is unsure on a guess so far.
  • Rottweiler: We’re torn, as we love the idea of The Beek (Varsity Blues) doing both Masked Singer and Dancing With The Stars at the same time, due to filmed vs. live — but if it’s actually someone from FNL (vs. an actual NFL player), my guess is closer to Jesse Plemons.
  • Tree: I had Patti LaBelle, though we’re trying to figure out any actual Food Network star.
  • Thingamajig: Originally, before the show aired, I had Steph Curry. Then during the show I had Kobe Bryant... but neither of them have a “4" associated with them I am aware of (Curry won 3 champs, Kobe 5). So maybe Carmelo Anthony (4 Olympic medals)? But I think Anthony is too tall (Cannon is 6', and Thing’s looking out through the mouth, which is just above Cannon’s head)
  • Skeleton: I got there before Ken did, but Martin Short for both me and my wife. I know Ackroyd both can sing and was the other “wild and crazy guy,” but dude just moved and sounded like Short for us (and Ken).
  • Butterfly:  ... we got nothing.  Maybe a Spice Girl?  I had Kylie Minogue pop into my head at one point, but that’s not likely...  (Best guess I’ve seen online:  Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams!)