Your Monday Anthem: Fiona Apple and Shirley Manson Pointedly Covering 'You Don't Own Me'

It’s the beginning of a new week, and whatever fresh horrors it may have in store, there is this defiant cover of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own me” to get us through.


Shirley Manson is headlining Girl School 2018, according to Pass The Aux, and she brought on surprise guest Fiona Apple on Saturday to close the night. They then rocked out everyone’s favorite karaoke hit—good for after breakups, trouble in the office, or when your industry dismisses your gender’s contributions to its success and cultural importance.

Apple is wearing what appears to be a homemade t-shirt that reads “Kneel, Portnow,” a reference to grammy president Neil Portnow, who recently excused the shameful lack of women artists recognized by the award show by saying women need to “step up.” It seems like Apple and Manson are ready to step up on Portnow’s stupid head.

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I will take any and all opportunities to brag that I’ve met Shirley Manson, along with Duke, Butch, and Steve, and they are all incredibly kind, gracious, and caring. The first time I met them I took the opportunity to tell them their music had truly saved my life, and Shirley gave me a hug, then Steve followed, then Shirley said “I think this calls for a Garbage group hug!” And they all hugged me and then I died.