Bravo Will Change the Name of Jerry O'Connell's Talk Show to Something Less Homophobic

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Days after announcing their upcoming Jerry O’Connell-hosted talk show with a terrible name, Bravo has succumbed to the justifiable uproar over the undeniably homophobic and gender traditionalist title Real Men Watch Bravo. Per HuffPo, the show “will be renamed.”


To recap, Bravo gave O’Connell—the thirstiest man in television (not an insult, by the way)—a talk show thanks in part to his oft-expressed love for its programming. The unfortunate title “was not meant to be exclusionary,” they write—despite the fact that it suggests men we already knew watched Bravo (read: gay men like the network’s other talk show host and Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen) weren’t real men at all, whatever that means.

They’re also happy to report that the guests will not consist exclusively of men. Whoopee? I guess? Honestly, why wouldn’t you just watch WWHL. Their full statement reads:

“Bravo has always prided itself on being inclusive. This show is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of all things Bravo featuring a diverse range of perspectives. The original title was not meant to be exclusionary in any way, but we hear you and will be announcing a new title shortly.”

Below is a list of titles that are better than Real Men Watch Bravo. The network is open to any of them, free of charge:

  • Shooting the Shit With Jerry O’Connell
  • We Like Fucking Women, But We Love Watching Bravo
  • We Watch Bravo Together, But Not With Our Dicks Out or Nothin’
  • *Belch* It’s Bravo Time
  • Beer, Bros, and Bravo
  • I Love Everyone On Bravo, But Only the Women Get Me Hard with Jerry O’Connell
  • Born This Way, and That’s That: A Gender Traditionalist’s Exploration of Bravo’s Diverse-ish Line of Programming

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Alright now how do we get this shit changed?

I know it’s for a good cause and what not, but seriously, it’s time for a new campaign. You should see the men at my work who parade around at every event we sponsor acting like they’re saving the human race by putting on a pink shirt. Our commutations director even announced himself as the head of the committee by basically saying “I didn’t really care about breast cancer until one of my female relatives got it.” Give me a fucking break dude.