Do Not Call Me by Your Name Anymore

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For some reason, director Luca Guadagnino wants to make a sequel to Call Me by Your Name, starring both Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet again, even though the movie is basically perfect and should be left alone, please! But if the sequel is indeed happening, screenwriter James Ivory wants no part of it.


Ivory, who won an Academy Award for the screenplay, recently told Film Stage, “I wouldn’t want to be involved. I can’t imagine having to make Timothée Chalamet look 45. I mean, that would be horrendous and so fake looking if that’s what they are going to do!”

And not only does James Ivory think it’s a stupid idea, according to him, the novel’s author does as well. “André Aciman just laughed at the idea to me,” Ivory said. “He said it was not a good idea. They can’t do a sequel, I think, without him being on board. It’s his characters and his story.”

I think Guadagnino should let this idea die. Clearly, he loves these characters so much that he wants to pull a Before Sunrise trilogy with them, but, personally, I’ve already moved on to thinking of Timothée Chalamet only as Laurie in the new Little Women and I suggest you do as well. Addio, Elio!

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This Chalamet kid is creepy. I don’t get the appeal.