Here Is the First Very Tiny Trailer for Donald Glover & Rihanna's New Film Project

Donald Glover and Rihanna spent August in Cuba filming Guava Island, and though there was a lot of secrecy surrounding the shoot over the summer, someone caught the trailer over the weekend at Glover’s PHAROS Festival in New Zealand and posted a video of it on Twitter. I had to put on my glasses to watch it, but it looks intriguing, if miniature.

No word on when the full sized trailer will be released, but for now, IMDB says the film also stars Letitia Wright and Nonso Anozie and is directed by Hiro Murai, who has collaborated with Glover on a number of projects, including his celebrated FX show Atlanta and Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” video.


I remain unconvinced this is neither an elaborate season of Atlanta nor a new Rihanna/Childish Gambino music video collab, because why would they not hype such a stellar cast? Please send me $5 if it turns I am correct, thank you.

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