Insatiable's Criticism of Fat-Shaming Is Apparently 'Embedded Within the Show'

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Days after an online petition called for the cancelation of the Netflix series Insatiable, drawing over 200,000 signatures, an executive from the streaming giant has commented on the early criticism. The VP of original content, Cindy Holland, told journalists at the Television Critics Association press tour that despite concerns over its message, “criticism [of fat-shaming] is embedded within the show itself,” according to IndieWire.


Holland also told the press that Insatiable’s creator, Lauren Gussis, “felt very strongly about exploring those issues, based on her experience, in an over-the-top satirical way,” and that the show serves to teach viewers to be “comfortable with yourself.”

As you may recall, Gussis posted a message to Twitter on July 21 (before the petition made the rounds), asking dissenters to “give the show a chance.”

More from journalists present at TCA:

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Aside from whether it’s good or not, you can make an over the top satirical statement about fat shaming without using the trope of “fat girl loses weight, is deemed hot and is now important enough to be heard.”

I don’t care about the show, I didn’t sign the petition, and I won’t watch it regardless. It just seems lazy to me. As a fat woman, I can think of at least a few ways to make the same kind of point they’re probably trying to make... sadly, I’m not hot enough for anyone to actually care.