Sarah Jessica Parker Is Producing a Dating Show for Singles Looking for Love—Real Love

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Sarah Jessica Parker, who has been spending her post-Sex and the City days producing HBO’s Divorce (via her company with Alison Benson, Pretty Matches) and defending “unlikable” women characters is gearing up to launch a dating show/reality show/social experiment hybrid on Lifetime called Swipe Swap. Clearly, there aren’t enough Temptation Island, Love Island, The Circle, Are You The One? and Dating Around-esque shows currently in production.

Swipe Swap will follow two singles as they swap lives a la Wife Swap, but you know it’s sexier because they’re single. According to Deadline, those two daters will “trade places and adopt each other’s lifestyles – from living in one another’s homes and visiting each other’s favorite local haunts, to connecting with one another’s closest friends and family – all in the pursuit of romance in their new cities. There are plenty of eligible partners out there – what if these hopefuls have just been looking for their match in the wrong place?” Parker won’t appear on camera, but she is producing the show alongside Benson and ITV Entertainment, the company that brought Love Island to America.

Unfortunately, I will be watching this show. I like the idea of adding a fish out of water element to the barrage of dating shows that hit Netflix and Hulu daily, and as a reality show voyeur, it’ll be fun to see how absolute strangers adapt to each other’s lives. That, and if this show only lasts a season, someone should take the plot and write a rom-com in which the two singles fall in love with each other. The tagline could be: They swapped lives, and now, they’ve swapped hearts. Parker, I’ll wait for my check.

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No particular opinion on this except for the microphone. Fuck Chemist Warehouse. For several reasons but mostly for making me feel like a drug seeking criminal because of the strength and combination of drugs my team of doctors have prescribed, and for keeping repeats without asking first. Even my specialist told me to swap to an independent chemist because “chemist warehouse are shit”.