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Chris Pine can’t stop talking about his penis? Because we as a nation can’t stop talking about his penis? And therefore PEOple keep asking him about his PE-NIS, as it pertains to his new movie Outlaw King. It’s a cyclical reaction, and I’m just here to report the latest.

You have to know by now that there’s a Chris Pine dick shot in the upcoming Netflix film Outlaw King. In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, he talks about all the attention around this news (beneath all the juvenile jokes, it really makes you think about the extreme rarity of male nudity on screen, double standards, and the ancient system that’s set up to pressure women in Hollywood to expose themselves often as part of a man’s creative outlet). Anyway, the penis. At this point, it feels like eons ago that we first heard it was coming.

“A lot has been made about me being nude, and quite honestly, I’m only naked for about... It’s no Fassbender situation,” Pine explained jokingly to BBC. (He’s talking about Fassbender appearing naked in the movie Shame.) “I mean, I’d certainly match him.” Not sure what to make of that statement; according to one keen Jezebel staffer, Pine was able to use only one hand to cover his crotch area in Wonder Woman, so who knows.


If you’re interested in the actual story, Pine offers some insight into his character. “Man is born a sniveling, snotting, shitting, puking, muling baby and then he becomes Donald Trump,” he says. “And underneath the emperor’s clothes, he’s a naked person. And I thought, I wanna see the animal and I wanna see the king.” (Penis.)

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