Taylor Swift Is Releasing a folklore Documentary, Giving Me Something to Be Thankful For

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Screenshot: Disney

As a Swiftie for many years, I understand why people dislike Taylor Swift and I respect their choice to not allow themselves to enjoy the very good bops that she creates. To each their own, even if their own robs them of joy. But one thing you can’t ever take away from Swift: If there is a bag to be secured, she will grasp it between her long, guitar-strumming fingers like it’s an MTV Moonman and we’re in 2009. #TheNorthRemembers. Swift, who managed to make an album during quarantine, also found the spare time to double down on the revenue for one artistic project and announced Tuesday morning that folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday. The film is a companion to the album which sees Swift and her team recording folklore and talking about the only thing there is to talk about: our feelings!


It’s obvious from the tone and minimal nature of the trailer that Swift wants me to watch this film and cry with her as we process our emotions and I fall deeper into a pit of Swift obsession. I do this willingly, even while knowing it means enduring the mockery of my co-workers, who just don’t get it!

This film also serves to remind audiences that folklore is an album that actually exists. While I love a one-note album that only works when it’s raining or I’m in the car at night, in the long run of Swift’s career, folklore will not be the thing seared into people’s minds years from now when she’s winning lifetime achievement awards for music and lipstick application.



As a former, “I don’t get the hype?”, she got my interest peaked with “The Archer”, which is a perfect song. Folklore won me over, I have converted to the church of TSwift. So many songs that reference ghosts, I am here for it.